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I have relocated to a larger ground floor office space in the El Toro Building conveniently located off Monterey Rd.  Find out more by clicking the LOCATION tab above.

My mission is to support families who seek a holistic model of healthcare. To help my patients restore health and harmony by integrating traditional medical practices with modern medicine. To encourage parents to make informed choices on behalf of the themselves and their children, help reduce the use of ineffective and harmful drug treatments, and empower parents to build healthy bodies and spirits in their children from conception to adulthood.

Robin Green, L.Ac. offers professional, gentle and caring Holistic health care services in Morgan Hill, CA. She also serves Gilroy and San Jose, California. She specializes in family medicine, which includes pediatrics and pregnacy, and is able to treat a wide variety of common medical conditions.  Her primary goal is to help keep families healthy naturally. 

Robin has worked and trained in the health field for over 10 years. She has a bachelors degree in Exercise Physiology with a minor in Nutrition Science from the University of California at Davis.  She earned her Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (MTCM) from Five Branches Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Cruz, California.  She is certified by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and licensed by the California Acupuncture Board to practice acupuncture.  She has continued her post-graduate training in pediatrics with the Holistic Pediatrics Association.



Robin sees patients ranging from newborns to 90 years old.  She is trained to treat a wide variety of conditions affecting individuals during different stages of life.  Using an integrative approach to healthcare, she incorporates the wisdom and teachings from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western medical traditions which allow her to provide effective individualized care.  She strongly believes that integration of eastern and western medicines will maximize healing and be most beneficial for her patients.

Using acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy and dietary recommendations she helps her patients achieve balance and restore health.  Robin gets excellent results with conditions such as allergies, asthma, menstrual problems, injuries, pain, immune disorders, digestive problems, mild anxiety and sleeping problems.

Herbal therapy is a major component of successful TCM treatment.  Robin makes custom herbal blends from liquid extracts of Chinese medicinal herbs.  Liquid extracts offer many advantages over tablets and loose herb formulas.  They are rapidly absorbed and easily assimilated by the body making the formulas effectiveness more rapid.  The extracts are Bottleeasier to swallow than tablets or capsules and are easier for children to take.  The recommended dosage is minimal. 

Tablets are available for those who prefer pills, however they cannot be customized in the same way as liquid



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